Working together for your success.

Mogital is a boutique network of digital specialists who improve project delivery and build digital products for organisations without the technical capability or delivery capacity, providing interim programme management, delivery improvements and technical services. Our specialists have delivered projects and built digital products for some of the largest brands in the world across a range of industry sectors, including Marketing & Advertising, Media & Publishing, Retail and Financial Services.

Interim Management

Mogital provides professional interim project and programme management services on a full or part-time basis. Our team have experience in delivering digital projects and programmes across a range of industry sectors.

Delivery Assessment

We help organisations improve their digital delivery capability by reviewing existing methodologies, processes, templates, tools and skill sets, followed by the identification of quick wins and longer term goals.

Delivery Improvements

The delivery capability assessment enables the selection of methodologies, process frameworks and tools, which are tailored to the organisation using an appropriate mix of workshops, individual development and coaching.

Technical Services

Mogital provides technical services on various development platforms to build and test digital products, including mobile apps, responsive websites and CMS implementations, integrated with CRM systems and e-commerce platforms.

We are working for your success.

Why work with us?

We are a team of skilled and experienced professionals. We have specialists in project delivery, development and testing with experience in projects of all scales and complexity, working with smart start-ups to global brands. We know what needs to be done to bring you success.

Successful projects and digital product builds require adaptable techniques, combined with the right knowledge, experience and understanding. We provide practical solutions to ensure focused and well-executed projects. Our varied experience, together with our pragmatism and certified knowledge of delivery approaches, enables us to understand our clients’ challenges and provide effective solutions.

Focus on results

Our focus on results, not revenue, means we can be honest with ourselves and our clients. We only take assignments where we believe success can be achieved, are the right people for the job and can deliver quality outputs and outcomes.

Improving the world?

Mogital is a social-conscious company and takes steps to support some non-commercial projects close to our hearts. If you are running a project to improve the world and think we could help by providing free consulting, just get in touch and we will carefully consider your request.